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My name is Dave Taylor (a.k.a. Papa) and I have a great love for antique trunks and the history and nostalgia they represent. For many years, while working my regular job to support my family I have searched out, purchased and restored any good old trunk if I believed I could give the trunk a new life. This has been a great labor of love, and has provided me many hours of relaxation, satisfaction and downright fun. I have searched sources, makers and manufacturers of trunks, made phone calls to places far and wide to find answers, knobs, nails, locks and brasses, as well as roller wheels and matching woods so that I could satisfy myself that I was restoring the trunk as closely as possible to the original beauty. 

Now, however I must reduce inventory, for I am running out of space, and even though I will miss each and every trunk I have given a new life, I will be grateful in knowing that many years of enjoyment awaits the new owner. I will, of course pass along all the history of each trunk purchased so that this information can remain a part of the new owners life, who hopefully will also someday pass along the history of the trunk as included with your purchase. 

Before showing you the trunks I am now offering for sale, I want to let you know how I go about restoring a rare and historical Jenny Lind trunk, which dates from about 1860.  I found the trunk in an old antique shop in Arcadia, a small town ill central Florida, and the trunk begged for attention and restoration. It needed new handles and the leather was old and beyond saving. The brass straps were in place but corroded and in need of polish and elbow grease, but I could easily anticipate the end result. 

First, I removed the top and inspected everything about the trunk that needed attention. At this time I must see what the structure of the trunk is like is it warped in any way is there any water damage or wood decay. After all, the trunk is 150 years or older and has traveled many miles. But the trunk is in remarkably good shape, confirming the quality and expense extended by the original manufacturer. It can certainly serve many more years as a handsome coffee table, a welcome addition to the bedroom at the foot of the bed for storage, and finally a conversation piece on top of a chest or table in the hall or living room.  

Most trunks are missing the leather handles, which will be replaced by the finest cowhide burnished to blend with the overall affect. The wood is cleaned and sanded with fine steel wool to bring out the natural colors and grain of the wood, which is usually pine or oak. I then treat the wood with either tung oil or a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine to preserve and restore the original luster (an approach used by the Metropolitan and other great museums on their finest antique furniture. 

Please visit our showcase to see these trunks up close and to also learn about the history of each individual trunk. These are for sale.

The 1800's offered so much to our United States of America and nothing is better than bringing our past into the present. Having a piece of our history is one of the best honors an American can have. 

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- Saratoga

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